The Communities Group


Training Courses

Standard courses and customized training in:

  • CAM II, The Management System as a Property Manager’s Tool
  • CAM II General Ledger
  • Corporate Level CAM II Training
  • Certified CAM Technician (CCT) Seminar
  • Network Operations and CAM II
  • Business Software, such as Excel, Lotus, MS-Word and others

Technical Support

Telephone Technical Support

Available through toll-free support hotline, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., eastern standard time. Additional West Coast coverage is also available through our San Francisco-based office. Support is available on an hourly basis or through annual subscription. Available in Spanish and English.

Start-up Support

CSS will monitor and review CAM II reports, back-up procedures, telecommunications and overall operations during the critical implementation period.

CAM II Upgrade Support

Technical support subscribers receive free annual technical support for upgrade installations. Customized technical support is also available on a company-wide basis.

Hardware, Software and Network Installation and Telecommunications

Technicians assist in configuring and installing products purchased through CSS.

  • CSS assists with coordinating on-site hardware repairs covered under the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
  • CSS offers complete network installation including cabling, configuration of network software applications, as well as establishing effective telecommunication links among central offices, site offices, and CSS.

Once installed, CSS technicians run comprehensive tests to ensure proper functioning.

Other Services

Data Conversion and Data Entry for New Clients

Complete and initial data entry services available for a nominal per-unit fee. CSS provides clients who wish to complete the data entry themselves with detailed worksheets and instructions.

System Analysis and Needs Assessment

System analysis and needs assessment services are available prior to or in conjunction with the implementation of the CAM II System.

Property Management Evaluations and Technical Assistance

CSS assists central office and site personnel in evaluating property management operations, developing operating procedures and policies, resolving problems, and implementing changes.