The Communities Group

TCG Consultants, LLC (TCGC), is providing customized training, technical assistance, and information dissemination services to U.S. Indian and Public Housing Authorities through a series of indefinite quantity contracts directly with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as both a prime contractor and subcontractor to PricewaterhouseCoopers, and as a subcontractor to EDTEC, Inc., and Andersen Consulting. Activities include:

Training and Technical Assistance

As a subcontractor to PricewaterhouseCoopers, TCGC is providing training and technical assistance to distressed and troubled public and Indian housing authorities. TCGC is responsible for delivering services in the areas of community participation and involvement, finance and budget development, marketing and leasing management, and planning and evaluation. TCGC additionally works with troubled Indian housing authorities under its subcontract to Aspen Systems, Inc. Areas of specialization under this subcontract include computerization and management system development, neighborhood housing and economic capacity building, and community participation work. The goals of both contracts are to strengthen management capacity so that living conditions improve.


Assessment and Evaluation

Working in teams, TCGC carried out research and analysis to assess the managerial and training needs and desires of 25 local housing authorities around the US. This was used to develop certification standards for staff and 3,400 local housing authorities, and accreditation standards for training institutions. A business plan was prepared to implement the Housing Development and Management Academy.

TCGC has provided on-site assessments, recommendations and training for Indian Housing Authorities. In Maine, management assessments for the Maliseet and Mic Mac Indians identified capacity building needs in developing and building new housing. Training was provided in identifying sites, working with local governments, hiring architects and contractors, managing construction, and occupying new houses. Training in leadership development, collections, property management, maintenance and operations was provided to the Kiowa Indians of Oklahoma. Currently, TCGC is working with the Oglala Sioux on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


Information Clearinghouse

Under a prime contract from HUD and as a subcontractor with Aspen Systems, Inc., both for 5 years, TCGC is providing information clearinghouse services to public and Indian housing authorities, HUD staff, and the general public. Services include the preparation of reports and program assessments, information dissemination, response to routine inquiries, guidebooks, manuals, and publications, videos, conference management, customized training, grants management and Spanish translation services.


Customized Technical Assistance

As a subcontractor to EDTEC, Inc. , TCGC is assisting public housing authorities in developing HOPE VI work plans for self-sufficiency, economic development and homeownership activities. This customized training and technical assistance is intended to help grantees adhere to HUD's HOPE VI policies and regulations to ensure that HUD-approved public housing redevelopment plans are implemented within approved program parameters, schedules and budgets. TCGC has provided these services to the Detroit Housing Commission (MI) and currently is working with the Holyoke Housing Authority (MA), Cleveland Housing Authority (OH) and Patterson Housing Authority (NJ).


Homeownership Conversion and Grant Writing

As one of the earliest providers of homeownership conversion services, TCGC is assisting several housing authorities with planning and implementing conversion activities under the HOPE and 5(h) homeownership programs. Authorities receiving homeownership conversion services include Binghamton (NY) Housing Authority, Holyoke (MA) Housing Authority, Housing Authority of the County of Kern, Petersburg (VA) Redevelopment and Housing Authority and Clifton Terrace Apartments (DC).

In addition, The Communities Group assists housing authorities in planning, preparing and submitting grant applications for HUD-funded programs including; Youth Sports, Drug Elimination, Family Investment Center, and the HOPE Program. Virtually all of the grant applications prepared by TCGC were approved for full funding.