The Communities Group
About Us


The principals, staff and associates of The Communities Group have extensive combined experience in providing consulting services for the development and management of affordable housing. Most associates are bilingual or multi-lingual. They have long histories of providing housing development and community organizational services, training and technical assistance. They have written numerous studies, manuals and publications on this service area.

The Group's associates are located in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and throughout the United States: Arizona, California, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Texas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This allows the Group to provide services nationwide. Overseas, the Group operates a project-based field office in India and has staff in Poland and Central and South America.

Key Staff

Jaime Bordenave, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jaime Bordenave founded The Communities Group in 1984. He has over 25 years of experience in policy development, program management, training and technical assistance in support of sustainable communities. In addition to overall management responsibility for The Communities Group, Mr. Bordenave serves as Senior Trainer and Project Manager for a variety of clients. Prior to establishing The Communities Group, directed training and communications, as well as rural U.S. housing development for the Cooperative Housing Foundation. As Executive Director of the Cabrillo Cooperative Housing Corporation, he developed a model, self-managed farm worker housing co-op, with its own construction company, co-op grocery, cabinet factory, ceramic tile factory, child care program, social services program, and new construction project. Along with colleagues from Self-help Enterprises, he founded the Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) that provides technical assistance and training to non-profit housing sponsors and developers throughout nine western states.

Peter Behringer, Executive Vice President
TCG Development Services, LLC
Peter Behringer has over thirty years of experience in all aspects of affordable housing and commercial development, including design, development, financing, marketing, management, training and resident empowerment. He has extensive experience in community revitalization with a particular focus on providing homeownership and personal growth opportunities to first-time homebuyers. His early experience in community organization and in the creation of cooperative housing communities led to his becoming one of the first directors of the National Cooperative Bank and subsequently its Corporate Vice President in charge of real estate lending. He has developed thousands of units of affordable housing and numerous commercial developments in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states as well as in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He has been responsible for the creation of numerous affordable homeownership communities in Baltimore and Metropolitan Washington, D.C. including the for-sale component of the Lexington Terrace HOPE VI development and the Washington Hill, Reservoir Hill, Waverly Terrace, Poppleton and Sandtown-Winchester cooperatives in Baltimore, and the Rosemary Village, Beecher, Yorkville and Island Walk cooperatives in the D.C. metropolitan area. His commercial activities include a wide variety of developments from a 500 slip marina on the Chesapeake Bay to the rehabilitation of office and retail buildings in Baltimore, Washington and the Virgin Islands.

Charles J. Billand, Executive Vice President
TCG International, LLC
Charles J. Billand has specialized for over 25 years in housing development. He has a diverse career, with experience in elderly housing, housing authorities, property management, cooperatives, and resident self-help programs. Mr. Billand has provided development and financial services for such organizations as: the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority; the Foundation for Cooperative Housing; the National Cooperative Bank; the Morton Billand Company; and most recently, The Communities Group and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In the U.S. he has developed thousands of units of housing. At the National Cooperative Bank he managed a co-op housing loan portfolio of over $100 Million. For six years he served as Project Director of a $160 Million USAID housing and community upgrading project in Egypt, and is just now finishing a long-term assignment with USAID in India.

Gustavo A. Sapiurka, Executive Vice President
TCG Technologies, LLC
Gustavo A. Sapiurka has an extensive domestic and international experience in computer systems and property management as well as in training and client support. Mr. Sapiurka joined TCG in 1988 and currently manages TCG Technologies, LLC, the technology division of the Group, which among other tasks provides the marketing, implementation and support for CAM II: The Management System. In addition, he provides consulting services nationwide to companies seeking hardware and software systems. Previously, he was information systems manager for the Gulledge Management Company, based in Falls Church, Virginia. He is a native of Uruguay and began his professional career as a computer engineer in Israel. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Hebrew.

John E. Madore, Administrator
John E. Madore is a housing planner with over 17 years of experience in the areas of program planning and evaluation; public policy analysis; housing research; institutional development; project management; community relations; resident involvement; and grant writing. Mr. Madore specializes in the provision of training and technical assistance to public and Indian housing authorities and residents, particularly in the context of HUD's "reinvention" and Resident Initiative programs.